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November 17th, 2013, 2:03 pm

As part of the development project I’m working with some Cov Uni second year Media & Communications students. They are helping out with the research and development process and have put together the video below, with Jason introducing his Durst Enlarger. Hopefully there will be more to follow.

>> Jason Tilley: Okay, I am just going to take you through this piece of equipment, which is an enlarger. It’s a Durst Modular Seventy Vario enlarger; it’s got a Multigrade head.

It sits on the back of this column and by turning this dial we can move it down or up and that effects the size of the print, so the higher we go the larger the print

On this side of the enlarger there’s a dial and there’s some numbers here varying from nought to five. Nought being a quite a low contrast very very grey and going all up to five which is very high contrast.

Inside here is where the negative goes inside the negative carrier and we place it in here.

Now, so when the blub shines through the negative and through the lens here, the image appears on the easel at the bottom.

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In The Darkroom

November 10th, 2013, 10:11 am

Progress so far. Going well in the darkroom, thanks to Jason Tilley‘s ninja skills at getting prints off what are often not the easiest negs to work with.
In the shot below you can see a few hanging up to dry, these are 11″ X 14″ prints on Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber Base, and although I say so myself, look great.

Prints drying in Cov Uni darkroom.

Prints drying in Cov Uni darkroom.

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Only In London

October 30th, 2013, 10:50 pm

Was in London Saturday and checked out ‘Only In England’, an exhibition of the work of photographer Tony Ray-Jones (plus is some work by Martin Parr) at the Science Museum. If you follow the link you can see some of the images.

Its always good to see real prints and there are neat displays showing Tony Ray-Jones note books, work prints and his notes for burning in etc for some of his shots.

But its £8 to get in (£5 ‘concession’ price which doesn’t seem like much of a concession at all).

Only In England exhibition

Only In England exhibition, Science Museum, London, until 16 March 2014.

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In The Beginning

October 7th, 2013, 12:13 am

Below is the cover of issue one of Alternative Sounds created by Martin Bowes early 1979. Alternative Sounds was really the catalyst for the scene that grew playing in venues like the Heath Hotel, Swanswell Tavern and Zodiac. And without which I wouldn’t have shot all these photos.

Alternative Sounds. Issue 1. Front Cover

Alternative Sounds. Issue 1. Front Cover.

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September 29th, 2013, 4:53 pm

This project is motion again with development funding from the Arts Council and support from the Centre for Disruptive Media and Department of Media at Coventry University.

I aim to do more than just prints off my negatives, I’m planning to create an interactive installation on the Coventry music scene 1979-81 based on fanzines of, and interviews with participants in the scene.

To this end this development funding will enable:

1. test prints off my negs (working with photographer Jason Tilley).

2. scanning the early issues of Alternative Sounds (this thanks to the collections of Martin Bowes and Alan Rider).

3. development of a prototype installation based on the ‘zine content.

Over the next three months this development blog will document the progress of the project.

The objective with the installation is that it can grow to contain any relevant content that comes to light – not just my stuff.


In the darkroom - Squad 1979

In the darkroom

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