Where Have All The Bootlegs Gone?

January 1st, 2014, 12:54 pm

Found the Steve’s Playlist chart below in the December 1979 issue of Alternative Sounds, which apart from the first track is all gig & demo tapes. Does any of this stuff still exist? If you’ve still got any of it please get in touch.

Alternative Sounds 11, Page 2, Steve's Playlist

Alternative Sounds 11, Page 2, Steve’s Playlist

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  1. Gary Jackson

    Mark, I’ve just noticed this playlist. As usual the Targets weren’t that popular! However, Ady Dix and I have done a proper recording of Man in the Middle recently. I know it’s my opinion but I reckon it’s pretty good. Ady’s guitar playing is quite exceptional and I think it’s a powerful song which has a lot of meaning for me. Let me know if you think you can do anything with it. Thanks, Gary

    May 23, 2014